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  1. Peak Oil Public Conference 19 May 2010
  2. Energy outlook 1980-2030 slides Exxon
  3. World Energy outlook 2008 IEA [PDF 9.8 MB]
  4. Key Energy Statistics, World Energy outlook 2009 IEA [PDF 4.9 MB]
  5. "Searching for a miracle" (PDF)
  6. RSB Roundtable for "Sustainable Biofuels" - Certification Roll-out Press Release - 23 March 2011 (PDF)
    Our qualification: a misguided use of public money to promote biofuels business with a "sustainability" label. The result will be a continued destruction of biodiversity (forests), and displacement of food acreage by biofuels for transportation.
    Scrutinize the membership list at the end of the press release. Biofuels are an abberation of sustainability efforts.
  7. Palm Oil (PDF): graphic images
    Our qualification: part of a trial to promote "sustainable" Palm oil production on already deforested areas, i.e greenwashing! [uploaded 23 March 2011]
  8. Letter to the former Dutch Prime Minister Mr Ruud Lubbers on Bio-Fuels and Sustainability
  9. "Talking Points for Selling Oil and Gas Rights"
  10. WWF "The Energy Report 2011" Notice: This report contains a number of serious flaws and errors. It is based on hopes and expectations that must be seriously questioned. One example is the potential for hydropower, which the report claims being 50 per cent higher than present hydropower production (p. 28). Biofuels are presented as an option depsite the food or fuel contriversy. Furthermore, the report doesn't seem to consider overshoot and depletion of the earth's resources, assuming further economic and population growth is possible. Also see the four page Ecofys summary.
  11. WWF Energy Report 2011 Summary by the authors: Ecofys Notice: See the remarks at the WWF full report link.
  12. Peak Oil - Imposed by Nature
    - Audio recording of the video 30 minutes [ 13 MB]
    - Transcript of the text of the video audio 30 minutes [13 MB]
  13. L'énergie humaine et fossile - quelques comparaisons [ppt 3.4 MB]
  14. UNCTAD - TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION REPORT 2011 - Powering Development with Renewable Energy Technologies Notice: A document of hope, expectations and wishful thinking, without real understanding of environmental and technological limits, or of humanity's overshoot situation which forbids further growth and exploitation of nature and resources. [Source: - downloaded 22 December 2011.] So-called renewable energies" are largely subsidized by fossil energies for manufacturing, maintenance and replacement of the manufacturing structures, the installatinion and the operation and replacement after its useful lifetime of the solar panels, wind turbines and hydraulic dams. Furthermore, electricity cannot replace oil, gas and coal in many applications. Renewables are a big illusion, aiming at continuing modern exuberant society. Even if alternative energies would be found, this would only allow mankind to further exploit and deplete the planet, till all resources are depleted and humanity will crash and disappear.
  15. Peak Oil and the ensuing scenarios - Interview with Nicole Foss by Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand 23 March 2012 [16.5 MB]
  16. perfect storm energy, finance and the end of growth Dr Tim Morgan Global Head of Research "Our economy is in fact the consumption of stored energy, and other non-renewable materials, such as clean water, a normal climate, and an intact system of biodiversity, i.e. the dynamic system of plants, animals, and bacteria of all kinds.
    The EREOI, i.e. the rate of Energy Returned On Energy Invested, is steadily decreasing. Energy reserves that produce less energy than the energy needed for their extraction are useless for the economy. This represents the so-called 'energy cliff' - The Perfect Storm ahead."

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